Workshops and Talks

Standard Workshops and Talks

1. Why engage in inter religious dialogue?

By engaging with the sacred writings of a number of different faiths, we explore the various ways in which these writings require its followers to deal with those who follow another faith.


2. Learning about Christianity

A basic guide to the writings of the Christian Bible, and an explanation of the beliefs of some of the different denominations.


3. Learning about Islam

By exploring question including

  • What does the Qu’ran really say about ‘infidels’?
  • The status of women in Islam.
  • What is Jihad?
  • The Muslim Jesus.

we seek to improve understanding and enable better dialogue with Muslims.


These can last from one hour to a whole day – it’s up to you!  The topics can be delivered as a talk, as a workshop experience, or as a combination of the two.


Other workshops and talks can be tailored to your needs.  Contact IRENIC with your requirements, we will do our best to meet them.

IRENIC is an independent consultancy, which relies on fees to continue in existence. Tariffs are negotiable, depending both on your requirements and your ability to pay.