When something is done in an irenic way, it is being done in a way that

  • helps find common ground,
  • creates understanding and appreciation,
  • or soothes sore points of dispute.

(Robert Longman Jnr, Spirit Home, Sep.20, 2008, http://www.spirithome.com/defineh.html)


Irenic Theology: a way of approaching God-talk that respects and accurately represents the opposing belief even when you strongly disagree.

In other words – instead of blowing you up, I’ll try to understand you.

(adapted from Matt Morris, Songcrafting, Jan 2, 2009, http://www.songcrafting.com/2009/01/02/who-do-i-bomb/)



It isn’t on the map; it can’t be found
with compass, reached on foot, by plane or car.
It isn’t ruled by force; it isn’t bound
by walls. The vision opens where you are.

Irenica, the unpolluted land
beyond the dream is calling day and night,
“Come home, beloved child. The distance spanned
is Nothing. I’m within you — seek The Light.”

Her beacon gently whispers of a choice
to live where neither greed nor fear hold sway
as love unmasks confusion, stills the voice
of hatred. Sisters, brothers, it’s The Way.

A consciousness surpassing one alone

begins a blink beyond our comfort zone.
-Mary Sullivan Boren (allpoetry.com/poem/6815851)
This poem was sent to me by the poet, who came across this website several years after writing of the mythical place Irenica.  It is reproduced here with her permission.

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