June edition of The Interfaith Observer

Addressing Climate Change

Climate – We All Have Skin in this Game

Interfaith News
Imams from Around the World Visit Holocaust Sites – Finding Higher Religious Ground in Pakistan – 120 Years After Vivekananda in Chicago, Congress Welcomes Hindu Monk – FBI Finally Agrees to Recognize Religious Distinctions – Catholic Social Justice on the Road Again – Clinton Becomes an Interfaith Activist – Stanford Offering Interfaith Financial Support – On the Evolution of Religious Communities – Dismantling Stereotypes about Our Values – Exploring Muslim Roots of Peace

The Founder of the World Congress of Faiths
Francis Younghusband – Explorer, Mystic, Interfaith Pioneer by Marcus Braybrooke

Report from Southern California
‘Seeds of Peace’ Juxtaposes Meditation & the Engaged Life by Ruth Broyde Sharone

A New Day in America’s Heartland
Interfaith in Fargo, North Dakota? Better Believe It! by Ruth Broyde Sharone

TIO in Canada
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Religion and Climate Change

The Challenge

Reconnecting with Home – a Pagan Perspective
The Silence of the Earth by Gus diZerega

Something Essential to Be Remembered
Sustainability and the Sacred by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Why You Should See this Video
Waking Up to the Reality of Climate Chaos by Michael Dowd

The Response

Foundational Documents
Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change

The Forum on Religion and Ecology – A Profile
Treasure House for Interfaith Climate Activists by Paul Chaffee

Grassroots Religion Going Green
Environmental Activism in Your Own Backyard by Paul Chaffee

United Religions Initiative Offers an Alternative
Connectivity – The Missing Link in Climate Change Activism by Paul Chaffee

Leveraging Finance for the Sake of the Planet
Climate Change Divestment Campaign Spreads to America’s Churches by Katherine Bagley

On These Shoulders – Unexpected Collaborators in Caring for the Earth
Prince Philip Initiated Secular Support for Religious Environmentalism by Paul Chaffee

Local-Global Coordination Slowly Developing
Faith-based Environmental Work Makes Inroads at the U.N. by Grove Harris

What It Takes to Become an Activist
Discerning a Climate Calling by Eileen Flanagan

Tools for Getting Engaged
Video Resources for Religious Climate Activists by TIO Staff

Falling in Love Again with What was Lost
Reuniting with Wounded Places by Trebbe Johnson