January issue of The Interfaith Observer

The Interfaith Observer, Jan.15

On the Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Community

Interfaith News
Bhagavad Gita Invoked in U.S. Congress Swearing-in – 1.1 Billion Self-Identify as “No Religious Affiliation” – Atheists Grow, Christians Decline in England and Wales – Trust in Religious Leaders at 9% Among Millennials – Latino Muslim Population Growing – Raised on More than One Religion – What Does Religious Education Mean Today? – Extreme Weather: Climate Change or an Act of God? – Vatican Seeks Interfaith Support Opposing Gay Marriage – Religions for Peace Delegation Meets with Syrian Opposition – Growing Antisemitism in Hungary is Protested by Jewish, Christian Visitors – Gun Control Becoming a Religious Cause

Seeds of Interfaith Community

Life, Death, and Rebirth in the City
The Heart of My Grandfather by Chris Fici

Reclaiming Detroit
Interfaith-Active Artists Promote Peace with Story & Song by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

Hospitality & Community
The Beloved Community in the Face of Violence by Susan Baller-Shepard
Sikh Vigil in Renton, Washington – A Video by Stefanie Felix

Renewed Community from Ancient Seed
Buddhist Translators without Borders by Rev. Heng Sure

Tools for Growing Interfaith Community
Sacred Ground by Eboo Patel : A Review by Paul Chaffee

Foundational Documents
Elijah Interfaith Leaders Claim Hope as a Shared Principle by TIO Staff

On These Shoulders – 1893 World Parliament of Religions
Women Provide Prophetic Voices in 1893 – Part 2 by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrooke

When Women Answer the Call
SARAH Celebrates 10 Years by Sande Harte

Nevada Follows Texas’ Lead
Getting Serious about Spirituality and Health by Gard Jameson

Saudi Arabia Sponsors New Interfaith Center in Vienna
What Happens When Governments Foster Interfaith Action by Bud Heckman

An Interspiritual Approach to the Children of Abraham
Mirabai Starr – An Interview about Writing God of Love by TIO Staff

Three Reviews of God of Love by Mirabai Starr
Just Sign Up for the Goodies? by Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Love is the Means and the End by Nancy McKay
Faithful to the Truth by Laleh Bakhtiar

Greening Your Congregation and Your Life
Five Interfaith Resources to Make 2013 a Green Year! by Sana Saeed

Opportunities Pluralism Project Photo Contest Winners

Religious Calendar

TIO Updates