Faith leaders unite behind call to change financial system

Ekklesia, Jan.24

In response to the European debt crisis, thirty-seven Church of England bishops have signed a multifaith statement calling for debt audits in Europe, cancelling the unjust debts of the most indebted nations, more progressive taxation and control of the financial system to prevent large debts being created.

Other signatories include the President of the Muslim Association of Britain, Omer El-Hamdoon and the Chief Executive of the Movement for Reform Judaism, Ben Rich.

They are joined by the President of the Methodist Conference, Mark Wakelin, and the former director of the Evangelical Alliance, Joel Edwards, along with seven Roman Catholic bishops, Baptist, Unitarian and United Reformed Church leaders and the Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain.

The Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Zoroastrian faiths are also represented.

Over 300 clergy and faith leaders have signed the statement, which declares that the poorest people in the UK and around the world are paying the price for an unjust financial system.

It will be delivered to Prime Minister David Cameron after an event in Parliament on 5 February, run by the Jubilee Debt Campaign and addressed by the Anglican Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Price.

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