Reflections on the Korean experience

Albert Bogle, i-talker, Sept.23,

Rt Rev Albert Bogle is this year’s Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  He has been visiting the Republic of (South) Korea, attending the General Assemblies of two Presbyterian Churches.

Faith and politics can be so easily misrepresented when Christian politicians emphasise their faith in a multi faith society. Don’t get me wrong I believe we have a duty to share our faith but we must do it respectfully. We also have a duty to listen to and respect people of other faiths. It is in the listening to others that we can begin to understand and find the connecting points and see where God is at work in others.

When opportunities arise for dialogue it is essential to take these opportunities. From what I can understand people saying to me here, there has been a wide spread belief that Presbyterians have not alway been sympathetic to those outside their cycle of faith beliefs. If this is the case then it helps me to understand some of the prayers I heard in he General Assembly this week, as the church was repenting of past sins of omission. Personally I have been impressed by the sincerity of all the people I have met this week and even more encouraged by their over all theme for the year ” The Least of These” Perhaps it is such signs of repentance are the touching places for all of us as we think of our own personal failures.

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