French town creates ‘Esplanade of Religions’ for greater understanding

A.D.McKenzie, ENInews, Jul.20,

It’s almost like the late Beatle John Lennon might have imagined things: different faith groups worshiping side by side as a means to living life in peace.

Welcome then to Bussy Saint-Georges, a French town that is creating just this scenario. Located 30 kilometers from Paris, the town has provided land where two Buddhist temples, a mosque, and a synagogue will exist alongside one another, as Bussy Saint-Georges’ long-term mayor Hugues Rondeau pursues his dream of a cultural city.

“Ours is a town with people who come from all over the world, and they come with their religious cultures,” Rondeau told ENInews. “We start from the principle that these cultures are good for our town and that it’s necessary to organize means for their expression and to encourage social dialogue.”

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