A Buddhist Example of Interfaith Dialogue

Paul Knitter, Huffington Post, Sep.15, www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-paul-f-knitter/a-buddhist-response-to-christian-fanaticism_b_964072.html

Earlier this year, my wife Cathy and I spent eight days being gently rushed around the South Korean peninsula as part of a project aimed at promoting a more fruitful dialogue between Buddhists and Christians.  So there I was, in the midst of this Christian violence, a septuagenarian Christian scholar from New York arrives in Korea to talk about the value and need of Buddhist-Christian dialogue and to speak about my recent book “Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian.” To talk about dialogue and academia in the midst of such conflict had the semblance of urging relaxation in the midst of an earthquake. Still quaking, the Chogye Order of Korean Seon (Zen) Buddhists held to their invitation and asked this foreign Christian to come and talk.

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