World Christianity’s changing context

WCC News, Feb.17,

As the World Council of Churches (WCC) takes new steps to promote Christian unity and inter-religious harmony, will the challenges of organizational governance and re-structuring drain “the life out of the ecumenical movement”?

Speakers at this week’s meeting of the WCC central committee  including delegates from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Germany shared the effects of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation on their ministries. Rev. Ebenezer Joseph, a Methodist from Sri Lanka, spoke of the benefits he had discovered in working with people of other faiths.  Inter-religious gatherings with Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims happen at every level of church and society in Sri Lanka, Joseph said. “There is the dialogue of life, with lots of public expressions of faith,” he explained. There are no ulterior motives in such encounters, “just positive religious engagement.”

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