IRENIC Interfaith Consultancy exists to help you engage with people of other faiths more effectively.

An IRENIC consultant can advise you before or during your encounters.

IRENIC can also provide speakers for meetings and conferences, facilitate discussions and workshops, and lead training sessions on inter faith issues.

IRENICA” is no longer published here.  Instead please befriend “Irenic Interfaith” on FaceBook and/or follow “irenicIF” on Twitter for links to stories of interest in these sources of information. (Regretably this service is somewhat reduced at present due to other commitments)


IRENIC’s principal adviser, Andrew Sarle, graduated with a first class honours theology degree, including studies in world religions, from the University of Edinburgh in 2006, was employed as Inter Faith Education Officer by the Churches’ Agency for Inter Faith Relations in Scotland between 2005 and 2009, and is Secretary of Central Scotland Interfaith. He has considerable experience in advising groups and individuals wishing to improve dialogue between people from different faith communities.

He was a high school teacher for 27 years, and is a  Church of Scotland Minister (OLM) currently acting as locum at Bainsford Parish Church in Falkirk.  He is also Hon. Secretary of CSI – Central Scotland Interfaith.


Inter Religious Encounter should always be an open dialogue between people.

IRENIC seeks to assist participants in inter faith dialogue

* to seek common ground rather than debate division
* to learn from each other
* to respect each others’ traditions and firmly held beliefs


What does Irenic mean?

Irenic (adjective): aiming or aimed at peace, from the Greek, eirene ‘peace’,the opposite of polemic (Compact Oxford English Dictionary)


Inter Religious Encounter should be an IRENIC experience.

Let the Inter Religious ENcounter Information Consultancy assist your inter faith dialogue.